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gum rosin (Turpentine)

Turpentine oil as per IP, BP and USP manufactured by AOS Products in bulk and high quality. Pure Turpentine oil is transparent liquid oil. It has a penetrating odor and non soluble characteristic in water. Turpentine oil is normally derived by the distillation of resins and this resin is obtained through natural Pine Tree.

We are one of the Certified Manufacturer & Exporter from India and our Turpentine Oil is used by several Chemical Industries. So if you are regular buyers or Importers of Pure turpentine oil by following specification IP, BP or USP at the best rate than call to AOS products.

Simple uses and safety warning:

  • It uses for temporary relief in strain, bruises and joint pain.
  • This oil helpful for minor aches and muscle.
  • When using this oil don’t bandage.
  • Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.
  • Don’t apply to damage or wound skin.

For more details of Rectified Turpentine oil visits to AOS Products, here we are sharing with you our trusted website: http://www.aosproduct.com/PINE-OILS–&-ITS-DERIVATIVES/Turpentine-Oil

We also manufacture other most important essential oils, we share the basic URL of these products, if you like than please visits:

Menthol Crystal in IP, BP and USP: http://www.mentholcrystals.co.in

101% Pure Moringa Oil: http://moringaoil.in

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Best and reliable rate, book your order for Tea tree oil from Delhi NCR India via: http://www.teatreeoil.in

Except of these above listed products by AOS Products Pvt Ltd, we manufacture and exports in wholesale rate.


Turpentine oil: Shop online with Us

Mentha Arvensis Oil-Amazing Health Benefits

Mentha Arvensis Oil in IP, BP

Current time India is the largest Manufacturers & Exporters of Mentha Arvensis oil contributing up to 90% of the world’s total production. We AOS Products Pvt Ltd are working as a leading manufacturer of Pure Mentha Arvensis Oil in Indian Natural Oil Markets. This herb Mentha Arvensis Oil is also popular with several other names such as Field mint, Pudina, Corn mint, Japanese mint, and Wild mint and so on. Mentha Arvensis Oil is Pale yellow or colorless liquid.

mentha arvensis oil

Amazing Benefits of Mentha Arvensis Oil:

In Ayurveda, Pudina (Mentha Arvensis) is useful for gastric troubles and also considered as appetizer. There are several amazing health benefits of Mentha Arvensis Oil, given as:

  • Mentha Arvensis Oil is and aromatic perennial herb therefore often it uses in cooling taste and harsh odor etc.
  • It uses in combating cold, used as an ingredient in cough drops and related pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Also useful in cosmetic products, mouth washes and scenting of Tobacco Products.
  • Uses in the flavoring of beverage.

For more details of manufacturing process, comparative rate and elite Indian Manufacturer of Natural Mentha Arvensis Oil, please visits official Website of AOS Products all contact details given here: http://www.aosproduct.com/

We Also offer other associate website that provide 100% natural products, listed as:

Menthol Crystals in their high quality specification as IP, BP and USP: http://www.mentholcrystals.co.in

Pure Moringa Oil: http://www.moringaoil.in

Lemon-grass Oil, really amazing benefits of this essential oils, if you are seeking this products in bulk with free consultant services than visits: http://www.lemongrassoil.co.in

Mentha Arvensis Oil-Amazing Health Benefits

Aromatherapy Ginger Oil uses

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Are you Suffering by following Health issues and problems as

  • Unbalance blood circulation
  • Stomach aches and muscle pain. Than you should to take best promoted natural oil that is Ginger Aromatherapy Oil.

Welcome to AOS Products India’s best natural Oil manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Ginger Oil in bulk and wholesale rate. We are verified Indian Manufacturer & Exporter of Ginger Oil. Get best price list of Ginger Oil from Indian Aromatherapy oils markets.

Ginger oil india

Ginger oil is warm, spicy and most flexible food ingredient as it is energizing. Ginger oil is valuable oil has many benefits for culinary purpose and medicinal purposes. Ginger oil is derived from Zingiber officinale roots.

AOS Private Limited is leading manufacturer and supplier of Ginger oil IP/BP/EP/USP. Benefits of Ginger oil are as follows:-

  • It promotes normal blood circulation.
  • It relieves from aches and pain.
  • It helps in treatment of digestive issues such as nausea, indigestion, diarrhea and flatulence.
  • It helps in energizing ad revitalizing mind and soul.
  • It helps in treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain and backaches.
  • It acts as decongestant.

Choose verified Manufacturer in India who can easily offer wide range of Menthol Crystals and Mint Oil as IP, BP, USP, Pure Natural Oil, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Spice Oils, Pine Oils and Oleoresin and their Products, contact Ghaziabad (New Delhi) Manufacturers, please visits AOS Products Pvt Ltd.

Aromatherapy Ginger Oil uses

Moringa Oil best uses in your daily life

We AOS Products are brand name in the natural Oil manufacturing markets. In India we a leading company who provide 100% natural and organic Essential Oils, Menthol and Mint Oil, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy Oils, natural butters, Spice oil and oleoresin and also aloe Vera products.

Today we share best Indian manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Moringa Oil. We manufacture Moringa oil in bulk and offer in wholesale rate. So if you are bulk buyer or exporters of Moringa Essential Oils from India than contact to certified manufacturers & Exporters: AOS Products.

pure moringa oil india
Moringa Oil India offered by AOS Products

Best uses and Health Benefits

  • Moringa Oil is no. 1 source of Anti-aging and antioxidants. This is the richest source of the Omega 6 and 9, Vitamin A, E and C, Calcium, Potassium, Proteins and natural oils.
  • Moringa Oil is one of the best moisturizing for the skins.
  • You can use Moringa oil on your skin as massage oil.
  • This oil give to your skin a lovely glow and oily free.
  • Moringa Oil also is uses in antifungal.
  • This oil increase energy level of your body and maintain blood pressure.
  • Finally you can think that there are several uses and benefits of Moringa Oil in Medicinal Sectors.

For more quality and purification information of Moringa Oil, call or visits AOS Products official website or factory location in New Delhi (Ghaziabad) UP, India.

Email: abhilash@aosproduct.com

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Mobile Phone: +91- 8285111610

Moringa Oil best uses in your daily life

Menthol Crystal Recommended Uses

Have a nice day Menthol and Mint Oil users, we share this post for someone who wish to find out reputed and certified Company for Pure Menthol Crystal from Indian Natural Oil Manufacturer & Exporters. We a certified company by ISO, GMP, HACCP and work from 2009 to provide 100% natural and pure Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Pine oil and oleo-resin, Spice oil and their respected derivatives. So during buy or imports of Menthol Crystals in bulk you can believe to AOS Products.

menthol crystal large size uses

AOS Products Pure menthol Crystal Manufacturer


AOS Product Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer and supplier of Menthol Crystal IP/BP/EP/USP Grades. Menthol crystal is obtained from Mentha arvensis herb plant. Menthol Crystal is white crystalline substance having strong & pleasant minty in odor and possessed cooling effect.

Recommended Usage –

  • Pharmaceutical purpose for various products such as cough syrups, Analgesic balms; Vicks vapor Rub, Inhalers, drugs, medicated oils, cooling gels, oral or throat sprays, medicated creams.
  • Oral products such as Toothpaste, Mouthwashes and oral sprays.
  • Various cosmetic & perfumery product such as Lotions, Shaving creams as it reduces skin burn, Refreshing towels, Deodorants, Scents, Salves, Foot sprays, Refreshing towels, Cooling gels, Lip Balm and Soaps.

Visits to our associate products as Moringa Oil, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Terpin Hydrate, Ginger Oil, Soybean Pure Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Avocado Carrier oil and so on, pure and organic products, available to AOS Products India.

Menthol Crystal Recommended Uses

Branded Value of Menthol Crystals

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pure menthol crystal aos products

Once again I would like to introduce our factory AOS Products Pvt Ltd to you. AOS Products is a professional manufacturer of Natural Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Menthol and Mint Oil, Aromatherapy Oils, Pine Oils, Spice Oils, Natural Butters, Aloe Vera and so on. Our certified factory mainly produces all kinds of natural and human friendly oils, including natural butter and aloe Vera products, Menthol and Mint Oil in their all respective specification IP, BP, USP. Our produced product of Menthol Crystals available in small and large both size. We are attaching some of our certified essential oil products for your reference and welcome to visit our factory website. If you have any requirements of pure and certified Menthol Crystal and Mint oil than please let us know then we will give you our best price.

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Branded Value of Menthol Crystals

Saw Palmetto Uses and Side Effects

Where you can get Pure and Natural Saw Palmetto Oil in India? Definitely 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils available to AOS Product PVT LTD  we are reputed Manufacturing Company of Natural Oil and we offer Saw Palmetto Oil in wholesale at the factory price. If you have requirement of Saw Palmetto Oil  and extracts than you can book your order on-line.

saw palmetto essential oil

There are several uses and benefits of Saw Palmetto Oil given following:

  • The Oil of Saw Palmetto uses in cough, Cold, Asthma and sore throat etc.
  • This is also helpful in hair fall.
  • This Essential Oil supports and maintains urological system. This means this oil increases the flow of urine to make relaxation of your body.
  • Saw Palmetto Oil also useful to maintain hormones and so on, beside of these benefits there are other most useful of Saw Palmetto Oil, if you want to know more about of Saw palmetto Essential Oil than you can take a free consult from AOS Products.

Side Effect of Saw Palmetto Oil:

Generally Saw Palmetto Essential Oil well tolerated, according to AOS Products avoid taking saw palmetto oil if you are already taking any therapy of hormones, for example such therapy that replace your hormones. You must to also avoid this natural oil of you are taking any contraceptive therapy for oral.

We always deal with our manufactured products by their brand name. For more related to buy or imports of Saw Palmetto Oil in huge, Contacts us to AOS Products Pvt Ltd Delhi NCR (New Delhi) UP India.

Our Associate Members, want to join you also, if you like than, try to touch these natural oil. For example Menthol Crystal and Mint Oil uses | Moringa Oil Manufacturer & Exporters.

Saw Palmetto Uses and Side Effects