Middle East vs. Far East most suitable Markets for Essential oils

Certified essential oils

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AOS Products is leading brand Manufacturer & Exporters of ISO, GMP, HACCP certified essential oils, Carrier oils, aromatherapy oils, we have listed various essential oils as Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, Juniper berry oil, Jojoba golden oil and so on, our offered rate will be very best than markets price, so if you are looking to buy it in bulk than mail us: abhilash@aosproduct.com for more our other necessary products visits: official website thanks

Why our certified essential oils most useful:

Essential oils is derived from the purified natural seeds, leaves, plants for example Eucalyptus oil, Lemongrass oil, Dill seed oil, anise oil and almond oil etc. We care and manufacture only best and best quality of essential oils and properly test by our latest machinery. So if you want t use for domestic uses as perfumery or bathroom products or if you want to use for medicinal uses as toothpaste, balm and so on, you can sign us it. Most useful reason listed here:

  • Peppermint oil is helpful for cool and invigorate. Use lemon oil for healthy and refreshing mouth rinse. Add some drop of peppermint essential oil in water and mist it over body when overheated.
  • If you think about of essential oil lavender than first think all things calming: apply it topically to soothe irritated skins and lips.
  • Tea tree oil-first things aid for skin: apply to skin blemishes and rashes as parts of daily cleansing programs. You may also use tea tree with herbal shampoo or conditioner for a healthy hair and scalp.
  • Let’s guess about of our top essential oil frankincense oil OK, you can use it to clean and dress minor cuts, bites and sores etc.
Middle East vs. Far East most suitable Markets for Essential oils

Essential oils: AOS offers very Highest quality

Certified Essential Oil Manufacturer

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AOS Products Pvt Ltd is committed to supporting their customers get pure, natural and high quality essential oils, menthol crystals with unique grade, mint products at affordable prices. The company AOS Products is recognized as an organization that offers flawless quality services in the natural essential oil industry for Aromatherapy oils, Mint Oils, Carrier oils, Menthol Crystals, Natural Butters and Spice & Oleoresins products.

Our Company’s aim to provide pure and high quality natural products like Eucalyptus Oil in IP, BP, USP, Arachis Oil IP/BP, Peppermint oils, Basil oils, Lemongrass essential oil, Carrier oils, wholesale essential oils Tea Tree Oil, Aromatherapy oils, natural essential oils, Thyme Oil, Dementholized Mint Oil, Floral Waters, Juniper Berry Oil, Cardamom oil, Herbal extracts, Fragrances, Flavors and Allied products.

Health Benefits of Essential oils: We AOS Products share with you some most important essential oils and their amazing health uses, listed as:

  • Rosemary Oil: This essential oil uses to improve memory, Helps with Arthritis, Fatigue fighter, Muscles spasm and psoriasis etc.
  • Lemon Oil: Best uses for boosting the body system of immunes, insects repellent and mouth-wash.
  • Tea Tree oil: Uses for treat head lice, antiseptic and antiviral purpose.
  • Lavender oil: Cuts, Nausea, burns and cold store and sleep aid.
  • Cedar wood Oil: This natural oil reduce cellulite of the body as the results this work as great treatment oil for hair health and liver.
  • Eucalyptus oil: Relives in respiratory problems and cold.
  • Peppermint oil: Helpful in stress, acne, indigestion and respiratory problems.

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Essential oils: AOS offers very Highest quality

Food Grade Eucalyptus Oil in IP, BP and USP

AOS Products welcomes you to the world of high qualities essential oils, Aromatherapy oils, Carrier oils, Menthol and Mint Oil where you can share your experience with us for the enormous range of Natural essential oils. We AOS Products are one of the top rated suppliers, manufacturers and exporters of 101% pure Eucalyptus oil as per their best specification IP, BP and USP. We present the wide range of Natural essential oils in which our Eucalyptus Oil is derived by the Indian traditional methods in such an order to preserve the high quality and purity standards.


Eucalyptus Oil Product Details:

  • Type: 100% Pure Essential Oil
  • Uses Part: Leaf
  • Packaging Details: Branded new 25 liter GI Drum/ HDPE Drum.
  • Delivery details: We care buyers or importers schedule

Amazing Uses Eucalyptus Oil

We always offer Eucalyptus Oil as USP, BP and IP have wide range of application in Pharmaceutical sectors, Repellent, Flavoring, Food industrial and fragrance uses. This essential oil also has some amazing benefits as:

  • Mouthwash
  • Antiseptic uses
  • Cough drop
  • Toothpaste
  • Gum lozenges
  • Ointment and liniment etc.

We AOS Products also serve to our special customers with the high quality of Eucalyptus Oil in IP, BP, USP and we are well-known manufacturer from the Indian market for our purity and quality standards since its initiation. So if you have any plan to buy or import unique Eucalyptus oil than you may deals with us. We share with you our all contact details, please visits: http://www.aosproduct.com/ESSENTIAL-OILS/Eucalyptus-Oil


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Food Grade Eucalyptus Oil in IP, BP and USP

Perfect Oil- Eucalyptus Health uses


To AOS Products Pvt Ltd

Natural Eucalyptus Oil Manufacturer & Exporters

Ghaziabad (New Delhi) UP India

100% Natural Eucalyptus Oil uses for the industries of Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Repellent, Antiseptic and flavoring etc. Basically this essential oil is the worldwide generic name for distillation of Eucalyptus leaf. Native location of Eucalyptus oil (Nilgiri Oil) is Australia and cultivated by the Myrtaceae plant family.

pure eucalyptus oil

Miracle uses of Pure Eucalyptus oil:

About of Eucalyptus oil there are dozens of uses this essential oil, listed as:

  • Eucalyptus oil in Shower
  • In Asthma you can use pure eucalyptus oil.
  • Eucalyptus oil use for cold, cough.
  • Use this essential oil for the growth of hair.
  • Use eucalyptus oil for acne.
  • To clear any kind of congestion, add 3 to 4 drop of Eucalyptus oil with carrier oil and apply on that location. For more other important uses please email to AOS Products.

We AOS Products is certified Indian Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of genuine eucalyptus oil. So if you are looking brand name of any essential oils from Indian markets than you can do very honest deals with us. We offer natural oil products at high quality and in wholesale rate. Log-on for your order confirmation on: http://www.aosproduct.com/ESSENTIAL-OILS/Eucalyptus-Oil

Perfect Oil- Eucalyptus Health uses

Eucalyptus Oil Amazing Benefits

Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

Pure Eucalyptus oil is obtained from Eucalyptus globulus belongs to Myrtaceae family. Eucalyptus oil is derived from leaves of eucalyptus plant. Eucalyptus oil is a colorless liquid with strong woody and sweet smell. Eucalyptus oil has broad range health benefits.

Eucalyptus indian Oil
Indian Eucalyptus Oil Uses

AOS Products Private Limited is a leading Exporter and Manufacturer of Eucalyptus Oil as per pharmacopoeia [IP, BP & USP]. We always manufacture high quality of Indian Eucalyptus Oil.

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil:

  • It has anti inflammatory and analgesic property.
  • It prevents nasal congestion, bronchitis and sinusitis.
  • It treats skin infection, effective against allergies.
  • It promotes dental health.
  • It stimulates mental activity by its refreshing and cooling effect.
  • It increases blood flow to brain and simulate mental activity.
  • It stimulates immune system response.
  • Eucalyptus oil helps in maintaining blood sugar level.

Give a simple query to book your order online for natural Eucalyptus Oil (Nilgiri Oil). We Indian Certified Company for Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy oils, Menthol and Mint Oil, Spice Oil and Oleoresin, Pine Oil and its derivatives, Natural Butters and Aloe Vera herbal products in wholesale rate. Visit: http://www.aosproduct.com/ESSENTIAL-OILS/Eucalyptus-Oil

Eucalyptus Oil Amazing Benefits