Virgin Linseed Oil Global manufacturing Industries

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is a unique carrier oil of AOS brand in India and it extracted from flax seeds. Now, you will be inquisitive that isn’t the oil from flax referred to as linseed oil. Yes, that’s true. Each linseed oil and oil begins out from a similar supply – the flax seeds. However, the process is sort of completely different that ends up in marked variations between these oils. Oil is employed for varied industrial functions and paint jobs whereas linseed oil is suited human consumption.

linseed oil AOS


  • If you are going to use this flaxseed oil as vegetable oil, remember that it’s one among those oils that ought to be used just for ready food, however not whereas making ready food.
  • The oil provides smoke quickly and this turns healthy nutrients in terribly dangerous chemicals. Preparation with oil or linseed oil is unhealthy.
  • The oil includes a smoke purpose of 225 º F, which is low.

Know important terms: Flaxseed oil vs. Linseed Oil

Virgin Linseed oil is obtained from dried flax seeds by pressing; however it’s not cold pressing. In most cases, flax seeds square measure poached and this heat treatment ends up in changes within the structure of healthy oils. After that, the seeds square measure seasoned solvents (harmful chemicals) to extract each drop of oil from the cake. This improves potency however this oil is edible. Oil is therefore used solely as paint binder or wood end. For latest information of these two terms you must to come and visits our factory, our well educated expert would teach you ad provide a better idea. We have also certified of several certification like ISO, GMP, HACCP etc, kindly log-on to: Thanks.


  • Glow – this carrier oil adds glow to wood
  • Virgin Linseed oil has some special properties that build it appropriate for industrial use.
  • Water resistance – this oil keeps the fabric shielded from water. This helps to safeguard metal merchandise from corrosion and article of furniture from water harm.
  • Drying – oil dries up slowly, however uniformly. This makes it appropriate to be used as desiccant in paint formula, wood end merchandise etc.
  • Binding agent – oil binds along ingredients in several methodologies. It creates a fashionable, swimmingly emulsion once all ingredients square measure mixed with it. This can be terribly useful.

Amazing benefits of AOS linseed oil:

With AOS brand and virgin linseed oil, you may protect your heart by stocks and attacks. But besides of this excellent benefit our linseed virgin oil has numerous health uses:

  • It prevents pain from muscles and joints.
  • It gives natural relief from diarrhea and constipation
  • Linseed virgin oil reduce risk of dry eyes
  • It provides balance of hormones to the body.
  • Keep lowering of blood pressure to your body.
  • If your immune system feels bad or unhealthy, you may try to use it, really will be helpful.
Virgin Linseed Oil Global manufacturing Industries

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