Anise Oil: Organic facts of its Essential oil



Anise is herbaceous annual plant- Pimpinella anisem belongs to Apiaceae family. Anise is also called aniseed.  Natural Oil Aniseed is sweet and very aromatic distinguished by its characteristics flavor. Anise plant is well grown in fertile & well drained soil during light. Anise seed oil will crystallize at room temperature due to anethole presence.

pure Anise oil


Anise oil is extracted from anise fruit by either steam distillation or also by extraction using supercritical carbon dioxide.  Essential oil yield is influenced by growing condition and extraction process.


It is clear in appearance, thin in consistency, pungent in smell. Anise oil is fresh, sweet and have licorice-like flavor.


It is composed of Anethole, limonene, Estragole, Anisyl alcohol. Anise oil having- Protein 18%, fatty oil 8-23% , starch 5% , N-free extract -22-28% and crude fiber-12-25% in constituency.


Anise oil blends well with bay, black pepper, ginger, lavender, orange, pine, rose etc.

Uses of Anise Oil-

  • It is used in preparation of tea alone or in combination with other aromatic herbs.
  • It is also use in wide variety of regional and ethnic confectionaries
  • It is used to add flavor.
  • It s also used in some root beers such as Virgil’s in U.S. and also used as secret ingredients in French liquors.
  • Anise oil also used as Herbal medicine in bronchitis, colds, coughs, muscle aches, flu, rheumatism.
  • Anise oil has carminative property, taken as digestive meal because it helps in expelling gas in gastrointestinal tract.
  • It is also used in treatment of menstrual cramps.
  • It also provokes urine gently.
  • It helps in stage of diarrhea, white flux (leaukorrhoea) in women.

Safety and Precaution –

  • It should be avoided while pregnant or breast feeding because it may cause skin irritation.
  • Never use anise oil undiluted in eyes or mucus membranes.
  • Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expect practioner.

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Anise Oil: Organic facts of its Essential oil

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