Lavender essential oil | Amazing uses of Lander oil

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Product Details: Lavender oil is derived from well known flowering plant Lavandula angustifolia, belongs to Lamiaceae family. Lavender is short-lived herbaceous perennial plant that produces beautiful blue violet and scented flowers and thrives in well drained, sandy or gravelly soils in sunny habitats. It is native to Northern Africa and mountainous Mediterrean region and grows throughout Southern Europe, U.S., Australia, and Southwest Asia to Southeast India.

Properties of Lavender Essential oil-

Lavender oil has fresh, clean and dynamic floral aroma. Its fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing Lavender oil is clear with a tinge of yellow in appearance.

Amazing Health Uses-

  • It is used in aromatherapy and many aromatic preparation & combination as it tonic for nerves and anxiety.
  • It is used to increases the mental activity by removing nervous exhaustion & restless and helpful in treating headache, migraine, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress.
  • It is used in making of perfume, soaps and beauty products because of its dynamic aroma.
  • It is used as bug repellent.
  • It is used to induce sleep for the patients who are suffering from insomnia.

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Lavender essential oil | Amazing uses of Lander oil

Carrot Seeds oil

Carrot seed essential oil may help:

  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles.
  • Soothe sunburn
  • Support eye health
  • Cleanse the liver
  • Support gallbladder.
  • Relieve dry/itchy skin.
  • Relieve oily skin.


We AOS Products are leading manufacturer of pure Carrot seed oil. We manufacture it in bulk quantity so if you are national or international buyers/Importers of carrot seed oil from India than you may deals with us. For any further inquires of seed oil of carrot please call or mail us:

Product details like main source, origin and extraction method of carrot seed oil listed on:

How to use:

  • Apply tropically
  • Dietary supplement
  • Don’t apply pure seed oil of carrot direct to skin without mixing it with certified carrier oil as hempseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil etc.

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Carrot Seeds oil

Certified Information of Pure Essential oils

Verified Articles: Essential oils

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A perfect Essential oil extracted from nature usually obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odor of the plant or alternative supply from that it’s extracted.

Essential oils are used for thousands of years in numerous cultures for meditative and health functions. It is also known as Volatile oil and it uses vary from aromatherapy, ménage cleansing product, personal nail filing and natural drugs treatments.

The particles in essential oils come back from distilling or extracting the various components of plants, together with the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, organic compound and peels. In times of yore, Jews and Egyptians created essential oils by soaking the plants in oil so filtering the oil through a linen bag.

Essential oil advantages come back from their inhibitor, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties. These healing oils area unit quickly growing in quality as a result of they act as natural drugs with none aspect effects. Then let’s state one hundred and one ways that to use these wonderful essential oils.

Essential Oil Helpful for home and health: AOS Products certified statement, you must to read it

Here we AOS Products a very genuine as well as certified manufacturer of several products related to Indian Essential oils want to share with you only a verified information based on health and home remedies, before buying all of we must to think and follow in our daily life these statements, helpful for use if you really buying it and want to use on your skin or home purpose. Follow it: 

  • All-purpose cleaner: Add 3 drops every of flavoring and tea tree oil to many ounces of heat water, then spray countertops to naturally make clean.
  • Natural two-winged insects repellent: mix one drop every of lemongrass oil, citronella oil and volatile oil with one teaspoon of vegetable oil to create natural bug spray and rub on exposed skin. Reapply PRN.
  • Sports gear: If your youngsters play sports, add 2 drops every of tea tree oil and lemon volatile oil to 1 quart of heat water; next add four tablespoons of sodium hydrogen carbonate and blend.
  • Clean air: Diffuse cinnamon volatile oil within the air and revel in its anti-microbial properties.
  • Homemade Oil of peppermint patties: Use flavored, vegetable oil, bittersweet chocolate and raw honey to create real peppermint treats.
Certified Information of Pure Essential oils

Are you looking pure Avocado oil?

Shop for Avocado oil

Indian Manufacturer AOS Products Pvt Ltd

An ISO 9001-2008, HACCP and GMP Accredited Company

Product Detail:


Worldwide Buyers/Importers,

We AOS Products are Indian brand manufacturer of certified carrier oil. Today we offer pure Avocado oil that uses as row material in cosmetic and healthcare products. Get latest price of Avocado carrier oil, please mail us:

Awesome uses of Avocado oil:

 Pure Oil of Avocado (in brief you tell it as Extra virgin Natural oil) is rich in Vitamins E, Fatty acid of Omega-3 and calories so there are several health benefits of this Indian certified carrier oil, listed as:

  • Avocado oil, if you are taking as edible oil as it can maintain a healthy diet.
  • It can help to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Since it the good source of Vitamins of E than it helpful for heart disease as well as makes skin softer whether injected or applied directly to skin.
  • Avocado oil is of great importance to the cosmetic industry in that it contains a sterol called phytosterol which has the same penetrating abilities as lanolin.
  • Also it has some sun-screening properties.
  • You can use avocado oil (AOS Product calls it Best Carrier oil ) as high grade of toilet shop.

AOS Products Showcase: Avocado oil

  • Minimum order quantity: 25 KG
  • Ability of Supply: 2000KG
  • Port: Any best Indian port
  • Certification: GMP & MSDS
  • Used part: Fruit
  • Packaging Details: 25 KG HDPE drum by brand name AOS Products Pvt Ltd.

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Are you looking pure Avocado oil?

Life and Style- Uses Peppermint Oil

Product Details: Shop Peppermint oil as per IP, BP

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Today AOS Products are manufacturing our one of the unique essential oil that is peppermint as per IP, BP. We are a brand name for manufacturing of peppermint oil which is in huge demand in our clients for its best quality.

Remarks: We offer best price of Peppermint oil if the requirement be in bulk.  This price may be variable according to the requirement of the special clients.

Most Important information:

  1. Product code: AOS4
  2. More Details:
  3. Port Method: by any Indian Ports
  4. Capacity of Production: 10000 Kgs
  5. Details of packaging: Small package available, 25 to 200 HDPI drum, GI drum.

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Life and Style- Uses Peppermint Oil

Hemp Seed Oil- one of the best Miracle Oil

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Latest Launched Carrier oils listed by certified company: Hemp Seed Oil

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Hemp seed oil has the unique property that offers fantastic health and skin care benefits. It is the miracle oil by nature. We AOS Products today want to deals with pure Hemp Seed oil at very genuine rate from Indian markets. If you need any information related to Hemp Seed carrier oil than please mail us: you may call us direct for any further requirement at our official cell no.: +91- 8285111610 Land-line no. 91 1204106666.

Pure Seed oil of Hemp is nature’s most balanced oil for human nutrition (Perfect balance oil including of Omega 6, 3 and 9).  Hemp seed oil or hemp oil is 85% essential fatty acid that preventing heart disease and promoting heart health. Since we are a certified members (ISO, GMP and HACCP) of wide range of carrier oils so in that listed products we work for the purity of hemp oil and we offer finest quality of Hemp seed oil to our special customers either they call us from India or other worldwide countries.

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Hemp Seed Oil- one of the best Miracle Oil

Pure oil of Natural Peppermint- So lets plan to buy it

Peppermint essential oil is derived from peppermint plant, scientifically known as Mentha piperita, originated in Europe & North America and also well grown in Italy, U.S.A, Japan and Britain. It grows up to 1 meter and has slightly hairy leaves with pinkish flowers. Peppermint plant (Mentha piperita) is hybrid of watermint (M. aquatica) and spearmint (M. spicata).


You can buy peppermint essential oil at your global markets or on-line store site. But the one important thing to remember is that make sure you are going to buy 100% pure oil of peppermint by a certified Manufacturers. In this way we AOS Products are genuine manufacturer of pure peppermint oil (Unique Grade IP, BP) that also certified by ISO, HACCP and GMP.


Its major composition is Menthol and Menthone and other constituents are 1, 8- Cineole, Limonene, β-Pinene and β-Caryophyllene.

Amazing Uses-

  • It is used as flavoring in foods and beverages such as baked goods, desserts & candy canes, mint & peppermint patties and liquors or energy drinks.
  • It is used to fragrance soap and cosmetics.
  • It is used in aromatherapy because of its cooling and refreshing effect so it stimulate mind.
  • It helps in alleviate nausea, vomiting, morning sickness.

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Pure oil of Natural Peppermint- So lets plan to buy it