Sesame Seed oil

Sesame Seed Oil (Gingelly Oil or Till ka Tel)

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Product Description: Sesame Seed Oil

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Respected Buyers/ Importers,

We AOS Products proud to promote our latest launched product known as Sesame Seed oil. We produce it at highest quality and export to worldwide countries.  Our produced sesame seed oil is 100% pure and clear golden color. In south India it uses as cooking oil because. This carrier oil is vegetable edible oil derived from the seeds of Sesame.

Amazing Benefit of Sesame Seed Oil:

As a richest source of Nutrient, sesame seed oil contain multiple minerals, manganese, Copper, magnesium and calcium. So it provides both types of quality like anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. We listed some important uses:

  • Sesame oil prevents graying of hair.
  • Improve shine to your hair.
  • Sesame seed oil acts as sunscreen.
  • It make to hair deep conditioning.
  • Sesame oil prevents fungal and bacterial problems of the scalp.
  • Reduce the risk of Heart disease.
  • Reduce the risk of Cancer.
  • Reduce sigh of premature aging and strengthens muscle tissue and hair.
  • Helpful to prevent diabetes.

Since we are leading manufacturer vs. exporter of all types of certified oil of Sesame seed, we manufacture the unique possible sesame seed oil at the possible lowest price. So if you have confident to buy pure sesame oil from India that visits to AOS Products and find the maximum benefits of Sesame Seed oil, please visits:

Sesame Seed oil

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