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Good morning, We AOS Products once again welcome to our worldwide essential oil industries.


We manufacture pure essential oil, we have listed earlier but once again i want to repeat it.

Actually any types of essential oils available or come from worldwide plants, seeds, leaves, flowers. Some derived by organic ingredients, some available as nature for example Aloe Vera products(Perfect Gel of Aloe Vera, Butter of pure Aloe, Aloe Leaf powder, Scented form of Aloe Gel in Yello, Pink and Blue).


If you want to enjoy with some most essential oil related to scent than you can use perfumery oil as Rose oil, Rosemary oil, Lavender oil. I means to share about of essential oil is that long long ago these essential oil did used for making medicinal, aromatic product, Health and fitness, cooking products. We are sharing our some most uses and certified essential oils:

Please follow it:

[AOS Products Certified Essential Oil LIST]

[*]Peppermint essential oil

[*]Eucalyptus essential oil by grade IP/BP/USP

[*]Tea tree purified oil

[*]Dill essential oil

[*]Linseed essential oil

[*]Jojoba essential oil: buy today it and win surprising rate.

[*]Rosemary essential oil

[*]Juniper berry oil

[*]Anise essential oil

[*]Ginger ka Tel

[*]And Verified oil of Lavender


And beside of these above oil we manufacture and export other Indian certified essential oils, Carrier oils, Herbal butters, Natural Aloe Vera products.

Finally We AOS Products want to make a great and long term deals against Essential oils. For more Call today: 918285111610. Make these essential oils of AOS Products Pvt Ltd as part of your success and simple lifestyle. Feel refreshed with our wide selected of Natural essential oils. So please Order now! Simple go our genuine website.

Essential oil- Certified Guide available from India

Sesame Seed oil

Sesame Seed Oil (Gingelly Oil or Till ka Tel)

Welcome to AOS Products Pvt Ltd

Product Description: Sesame Seed Oil

Indian Manufacturer & Exporter

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Respected Buyers/ Importers,

We AOS Products proud to promote our latest launched product known as Sesame Seed oil. We produce it at highest quality and export to worldwide countries.  Our produced sesame seed oil is 100% pure and clear golden color. In south India it uses as cooking oil because. This carrier oil is vegetable edible oil derived from the seeds of Sesame.

Amazing Benefit of Sesame Seed Oil:

As a richest source of Nutrient, sesame seed oil contain multiple minerals, manganese, Copper, magnesium and calcium. So it provides both types of quality like anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. We listed some important uses:

  • Sesame oil prevents graying of hair.
  • Improve shine to your hair.
  • Sesame seed oil acts as sunscreen.
  • It make to hair deep conditioning.
  • Sesame oil prevents fungal and bacterial problems of the scalp.
  • Reduce the risk of Heart disease.
  • Reduce the risk of Cancer.
  • Reduce sigh of premature aging and strengthens muscle tissue and hair.
  • Helpful to prevent diabetes.

Since we are leading manufacturer vs. exporter of all types of certified oil of Sesame seed, we manufacture the unique possible sesame seed oil at the possible lowest price. So if you have confident to buy pure sesame oil from India that visits to AOS Products and find the maximum benefits of Sesame Seed oil, please visits:

Sesame Seed oil

Dill Essential oil

Hi Everyone!!!

We AOS Products looking: Worldwide buyers/Importers

Product Name: Dill Oil

Brand Manufacturer: AOS Products Pvt Ltd

Reputed Exporter of Purified Essential oil


This time, AOS Products want to share quality and quantity of Pure Dill oil. We AOS Products certified (ISO, GMP, HACCP) Manufacturer of Dill essential oil. Buy Dill oil (at per BP, IP grade) from us in bulk and unique rate. To know payment terms, Port and supply ability mail us:

You must to know some amazing health benefits:

  • Use Dill essential oil for preparing or cooking food to enhance flavor.
  • Dill oil derived by the steam distilled method of dill seed plant.
  • Dill oil has a spicy, fresh scent that is balancing, stimulating and revitalizing.
  • Dill essential oil supports Respiratory system.
  • Dill oil promotes lactation.
  • It helps to maintain calms of nervousness.
  • Dill oil helpful in digestion and detoxification.

So if you want to buy freshest and finest dill seed oil at our wholesale price, please visits official website of AOS Products Pvt ltd, as per our certification details our promises to provide 100% natural oil as per Chemical and any solvent free. We also provide original documents related to its testing and certified systems as COA and MSDS papers.

View complete Details:

Dill Essential oil

Jojoba oil- Worldwide Sell, available in India

Your Requirement: Jojoba Oil

Price: best at markets price.

Post your inquiry:

Dear Buyers/Importers,

Once again AOS Products are calling you to buy pure and Indian certified Jojoba oil. We are manufacturing highest quality of Jojoba oil. Pure oil of Jojoba is golden in color and available under several brands. Visits official website of AOS Products to learn amazing health benefits of Jojoba carrier oil. E.g.


  • Jojoba oil uses in curing athlete’s foot by killing the fungi responsibility for it.
  • Carrier oil of Jojoba is also very similar to our scalp’s natural sebum, making it a great oil to use to combat dandruff and dryness.
  • It aids in reducing hair loss, caused by factors like scalp dermatitis and eczema.
  • You should to know that overproduction of sebum is responsible for acne. Jojoba oil works in such a way that it somehow tricks the body into believing that it is sebum. Thus the body does not produce any addition sebum.
  • It helpful to reduce wrinkles and lighten skin works and stretch works.

So if you have any Requirement of Jojoba oil than its simple, go to our official website, learn about of jojoba oil and go to contact us page. Please describe your buying Requirement. For best quote provide details like Jojoba oil product specification, usage and application etc. Unique overviews of Jojoba oil given at:

Jojoba oil- Worldwide Sell, available in India

Be Sure and Buy Pure Jojoba oil

Basically Golden oil of Jojoba derived from the natural seed of the plant of chinensis Simmondsia. Jojoba carrier oil also known as by one of the other interesting name as: Ho-Ho-bA. If you think a little about of this natural oil as oil than you can say that this is not a simple oil this is most useful for wax ester, it also work as natural compound oil as looking possible to human’s skin oil.

Jojoba Oil for Acne

This certified Jojoba oil is one of the premium carrier oil, listed or work out by several manufacturers, but if you think a little about of natural and herbal website where you may give your important time to learn and shop best and traditional oil that particular website may be us. So whenever you need highly certified jojoba oil than please click here. We AOS Products and its excellence team also think about of why not we share its advantage with you, Ok let’s to best uses and health benefits of pure oil of Jojoba seed.

Why should you like to use it: Jojoba Oil?

  • Best Carrier oil- golden or white jojoba oil mostly uses as massage oil. That means massaging the scalp with jojoba oil stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair growth.
  • Chemically and structurally in both direction, Jojoba oil is very popular and similar to the natural oils, most popular as skin care oil.
  • It is clear, white and provides health skin due to some imprint quality for example you can count this essential oil as Non-toxic and it positive attributes that are antioxidant, non-allergenic and antibacterial properties.
  • Jojoba oil is also helpful in Asthma.
  • This carrier oil helpful to reduce sebum from your oily skin.

AOS Products Indian Manufacturer and Suppliers have listed 100+ products on the categories of Carrier oil, Aromatherapy oils, Spice oils, pine oils, Essential oils and so on. Product Detail of AOS Product’s:

Be Sure and Buy Pure Jojoba oil

Almond Oil- Are you plan to buy it from India

Best Carrier Oil: Almond oil

Unique Manufacturer & Exporter: AOS Products Pvt Ltd

How to reach us:

Dear Buyers/Importers,

Today We AOS Products offer 100% pure Carrier oil that is Almond. Almond oil is one of the best Carrier oil for making strong and shining to hair. Today we are manufacturing it in bulk quantity and want to sell it in good rate. So if you are regular buyers of pure almond oil than call us at: 918285111610.

Ripe almonds on the tree branch
Ripe almonds on the tree branch

Amazing Reason to use: Almond Oil

We offer Almond oil by following specification name as: Sweet Almond oil, popular hair care oil, cold pressed almond oil, Badaam Ka Tel and so on. There are several amazing benefits of Almond oil. So if you have planned to buy it in bulk than you must to know health benefits of Sweet Almond oil-

  • Almond oil is the richest source of Vitamins B1, B2, E, A and B6 so it is helpful for dry skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.
  • Since Sweet almond oil have calming properties that it makes it a good essential oil base for anti-spasmodic.
  • Soothes inflammation and peeling associated with sunburn.
  • Helpful in relieves itching (Anti-proritic)
  • Work as good Absorber: Almond essential oil allows it to absorb more slowly than other available oil in the markets.

We AOS Products, Indian Manufacturer & Exporter that promise to our client to offer comprehensive range of Almond Oil, for more details as product range, capacity, duration of delivery, purity and best current price please visits us:

Almond Oil- Are you plan to buy it from India

menthol Crystal- 5 years Exports Experience

Good day,

A GMP and ISO Certified 9001-2008 Certified Company.

Today also we work for pure and natural Menthol and Mint oil products in bulk quantity. Since we always uses international class of latest machinery to manufacture all types of Essential oils and their relevant products as natural oils, Menthol Crystal and Mint oil, Aromatherapy oils, Spice oils, Natural Herbal butters and so on.


We incorporated our Menthol and Mint oil from 2009 and from previous 5 years we deals in bulk for exporting and worldwide supplying. Purity and providing only highest quality is our first priority. So you can shop for natural mint oil and Menthol Crystal as per their best grade IP, BP, USP and EP. With our products we also offers all types of details, Documentation by which you can also check purity and chemical free material provided by our company. Since we are leading exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturer of all legend products of Indian Menthol Crystals and Mint oil so whenever current time or in future you want to make a smart and big deals than you can talk with us.

Menthol crystal is often used in cosmetic and Pharma products. You can also use it for refreshing, cooling and pleasantly purpose. We AOS Products are well-known Exporter of Pure Menthol Crystal as per IP, BP, and USP. Price of menthol Crystals may be variable according to the bulk requirement of clients. Mail us at for further inquiries, for more products details please visits:

menthol Crystal- 5 years Exports Experience

Menthol Crystals: Health and Beauty Products

Welcome to AOS Products Pvt Ltd, today we share with you our best and essential product that is also known as branded Menthol Crystals by Menthol and Mint oil categories.

Views today’s Product Detail: Menthol Crystal

  • Best price and High quality
  • Fast Delivery
  • India’s trusted brand
  • Better payment terms
  • For all details please drop a mail us at or Call: (+91) 8285111610 for further inquiries.
Indian Menthol Crystals

Once again welcome to AOS Products with our one of the best product: Menthol Crystals. We are reputed Indian Manufacturer of Pure Menthol Crystals offers it at their unique grade for example we provide menthol Crystals in IP, USP, BP | Levo Menthol | Bold Crystals of Menthol | Pudina ka Fool | Small size of Menthol Crystals and so on. If you are browsing by INTERNET to buy high quality of menthol Crystal at unique rate from Indian markets than you have only one manufacturing company in India that is AOS Products Pvt ltd. Our all types of Menthol and Mint oil products rate are best and cheapest than other manufacturers from India.

Menthol Crystal is natural compound obtained by the Mint essential oil, corn mint or peppermint oil. This natural crystal has the following amazing benefits in pharmaceutical sectors; in short we share with you:

  • It is useful for making scalp treatment and Foot products.
  • It is helpful for manufacturing cooling gel and cold remedies.
  • It is also useful for manufacturing creams, salves and balms.
  • You can use it for irritating to eyes and skin.

Finally if your plans have done to buy Menthol Crystals (USP, BP or IP) in the quantity of bulk, come direct from the certified Manufacturer in India. For more quality and Standard of Menthol crystal visits us.

Indian Manufacturer Menthol Crystal

Menthol Crystals: Health and Beauty Products

Borage oil- Amazing Health Benefits

Elite Carrier oil: Borage oil

AOS Products Pvt Ltd

ISO, GMP, HACCP certified Manufacturer & Exporter

Borage oil is a natural substance that provides highest concentration of Omega-6 fatty acid which makes it more effective for anti-inflammatory effects. We are reputed Manufacturer that produce pure and natural Borage oil and we export it in bulk and at unique price.


Best Benefits: Pure Oil of Borage

  • It is helpful for the disorder of skin like Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, dry and psoriasis etc.
  • This carrier oil is richest source of Fatty acid, Minerals and vitamins therefore helpful for relieving inflammation and in pain.
  • It supports mobility of tissues and joints.
  • Naturally proved borage oil by AOS Products have self life almost one year.
  • You must to avoid during pregnancy.

So if you need this certified Carrier oil in bulk quantity, please mail us at as soon as possible we will see your quires and than will reply to you.

for more product details of Indian Borage oil visits:


Borage oil- Amazing Health Benefits

Perfect Lime oil for mental clarity

AOS Products lime oil: Find here pure and Natural Lime essential oil Suppliers, Exporters and Manufacturers from India. We are Delhi NCR based manufacturing company of pure lime oil.

uses lime oil

There are several uses of lime oil:

  • Lime essential oil uses to remove sticker residue and grease spots.
  • Helpful for keeping your life young and healthier as healthy skin and encourage creativity.
  • Most useful essential oil for mental clarity and managing your body weight.
  • This essential oil also supports stimulating and immunity systems.
  • You can uses lime oil as domestic purpose for example air and water purifications.
  • There are the several topic available in markets, basically it is made by lemon oil.
  • In Blood pressure treatment, you can use it.

We are perfect and high quality manufacturer of Lime oil, so if you are going to plan for buying 100% natural essential oil or any types of Aromatherapy oils than you can deals with us. Thanks for visits us

Perfect Lime oil for mental clarity