Turpentine oil: Shop online with Us

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Turpentine Oil Manufacturer & Exporter from India

AOS Products Pvt Ltd

Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR) UP, India

24×7 available Cell No: 08285111610

Quote your order on: abhilash@aosproduct.com

gum rosin (Turpentine)

Turpentine oil as per IP, BP and USP manufactured by AOS Products in bulk and high quality. Pure Turpentine oil is transparent liquid oil. It has a penetrating odor and non soluble characteristic in water. Turpentine oil is normally derived by the distillation of resins and this resin is obtained through natural Pine Tree.

We are one of the Certified Manufacturer & Exporter from India and our Turpentine Oil is used by several Chemical Industries. So if you are regular buyers or Importers of Pure turpentine oil by following specification IP, BP or USP at the best rate than call to AOS products.

Simple uses and safety warning:

  • It uses for temporary relief in strain, bruises and joint pain.
  • This oil helpful for minor aches and muscle.
  • When using this oil don’t bandage.
  • Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.
  • Don’t apply to damage or wound skin.

For more details of Rectified Turpentine oil visits to AOS Products, here we are sharing with you our trusted website: http://www.aosproduct.com/PINE-OILS–&-ITS-DERIVATIVES/Turpentine-Oil

We also manufacture other most important essential oils, we share the basic URL of these products, if you like than please visits:

Menthol Crystal in IP, BP and USP: http://www.mentholcrystals.co.in

101% Pure Moringa Oil: http://moringaoil.in

High quality Peppermint Oil: http://www.peppermintoil.in

Top Indian Manufacturer for Eucalyptus oil: http://www.cardamomoil.in/

Best and reliable rate, book your order for Tea tree oil from Delhi NCR India via: http://www.teatreeoil.in

Except of these above listed products by AOS Products Pvt Ltd, we manufacture and exports in wholesale rate.


Turpentine oil: Shop online with Us

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