Perfect Oil- Eucalyptus Health uses


To AOS Products Pvt Ltd

Natural Eucalyptus Oil Manufacturer & Exporters

Ghaziabad (New Delhi) UP India

100% Natural Eucalyptus Oil uses for the industries of Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Repellent, Antiseptic and flavoring etc. Basically this essential oil is the worldwide generic name for distillation of Eucalyptus leaf. Native location of Eucalyptus oil (Nilgiri Oil) is Australia and cultivated by the Myrtaceae plant family.

pure eucalyptus oil

Miracle uses of Pure Eucalyptus oil:

About of Eucalyptus oil there are dozens of uses this essential oil, listed as:

  • Eucalyptus oil in Shower
  • In Asthma you can use pure eucalyptus oil.
  • Eucalyptus oil use for cold, cough.
  • Use this essential oil for the growth of hair.
  • Use eucalyptus oil for acne.
  • To clear any kind of congestion, add 3 to 4 drop of Eucalyptus oil with carrier oil and apply on that location. For more other important uses please email to AOS Products.

We AOS Products is certified Indian Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of genuine eucalyptus oil. So if you are looking brand name of any essential oils from Indian markets than you can do very honest deals with us. We offer natural oil products at high quality and in wholesale rate. Log-on for your order confirmation on:

Perfect Oil- Eucalyptus Health uses

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