Indian Linseed Oil: Guaranteed for Purity

Elite Essential oil linseed also called as Flaxseed oil, this natural essential oil derived by the pressing of flax plant. Linseed oil is also the main source of Calories (Almost 120 calories per 13.6 gram). Linseed oil is also known as edible oil.

linseed oil AOS india

Find here genuine Manufacturers & Exporters of Pure Linseed Oil from India. We AOS Products Pvt Ltd certified Manufacturer of natural Linseed Oil in various grade to special client across various countries including India’s best seeking location for Pure Linseed Oil as New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Punjab, Kolkata, and Gujarat and so on.

We are Indian certified Manufacturer of pure Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Spice Oils and also natural butters, so whenever you have requirement of Linseed Oil in bulk quantity than you can contact with AOS Products. Since we are a reputed natural Oil Manufacturer than we sell all types of pure natural oils in wholesale rate, for more contact us on: +91- 8285111610 or Visits Factory website for Linseed Essential Oil.

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Indian Linseed Oil: Guaranteed for Purity

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