Fenugreek Oil best Uses

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Buy on-line 100% pure Fenugreek Oil from AOS Products Pvt Ltd. We offer only fresh, natural and healthy fenugreek essential oil because we are reputed Essential oil Manufacturing Company in India.

fenugreek oil aos products
AOS Products: Fenugreek Oil India

We India’s top Fenugreek Oil Manufacturer, all our connected client believe to our natural oil and products so our responsibility to provide all information and document related to the purity of our produced natural oils for example:

  • COA (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC) profile.
  • ISO, GMP certificate and Manufacturing license.
  • MSDS (Material Safety data Sheets).
  • No solvent used certificate.
  • Process of Manufacturing.
  • Equipment uses in manufacturing.

Uses and Amazing Benefits of Essential Fenugreek Oil in India

  • It protects the nervous system, exerts relaxing influence on nervous system.
  • Fenugreek oil well known for enhancing feminine beauty as helps to enlarge breast.
  • It aids in sexual stimulation.
  • It contains choline, aids thinking process.
  • It is used to balance hormonal levels aids in treating PMS and menupause.
  • It stimulates beta cells of pancreas.
  • It increases the milk production in lactating mothers.
  • As aromatherapy matter Indian Fenugreek Oil use to reduce high blood pressure. This oil also encourages sweetening and helpful to treat in heavy fever.
  • It is used for kidney ailment as it helps in restoring normal health kidney and exerts protective influence on kidney and pancreas.
  • It is also used for treatment of various problems such as swollen glands, Fevers, wounds, skin irritations, sore throats, ulcers and muscle aches etc.

So if you want to buy or imports pure Fenugreek oil in bulk and wholesale rate than, visits AOS Products official link of Fenugreek Oil: http://www.aosproduct.com/ESSENTIAL-OILS/Fenugreek-Seed-Oil

Fenugreek Oil best Uses

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