Menthol Crystal | Wholesale Rate

We AOS Products offer 100% natural Menthol Crystals. We are one of the most responsible company if you are browsing trust-able Manufacturers & Exporters, Suppliers and Certified Manufacturers for Menthol Crystal in New Delhi (Ghaziabad), Uttar Pradesh India. We always offer unmatched quality of Menthol Crystals in the size of small and large. Our Menthol Crystal Specifications are IP, BP and USP. We offer highest quality of natural Menthol Crystals and its purity become up to 99.95% with L-Menthol.

Menthol Crystal IP, BP, USP

Benefits of Menthol Crystal:

Since Pure menthol Crystal is most essential products for Pharmaceutical Company therefore it is useful to produces Cough Syrup, Cooling gel, Vicks Inhaler and herbal creams. Some most specified uses given as:

  • Menthol Crystal useful for producing perfumery and cosmetic products as Shaving cream, Deodorants and lotion etc.
  • It is most useful to resolve congestion in chest.
  • Menthol Crystals also helpful for making several important oral products as Chewing-gums, Toothpaste and mouth wash spray.

For more visits AOS Products Menthol and Mint Factory website:

AOS Products Pvt Ltd

Wholesale Menthol and Mint Oil Manufacturer India


Contact No: +91- 8285111610

Menthol Crystal | Wholesale Rate

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