Menthol Crystal Delivery Services

Hello once again welcome to AOS Products who is verified Exporter of Menthol Crystals in their all specification as Menthol IP, USP, BP and JP formats.

AOS Products Pvt Ltd is verified Indian exporter of Industrial menthol Crystal, large menthol crystal, small menthol crystals, bold menthol crystal at very best price.

You can also meet with AOS products’ factory to know large production, delivery services, detailed of purified oil as COA and certification, price lists of menthol and mint oil, 60+ exporting countries details and major products delivery service provider of menthol crystal etc.

Most helpful Information for your orders of Menthol Crystals

  • Menthol Crystal Production Capacity: 10000 Kg
  • Minimum Order of Menthol Crystal Quantity: 5 Kilogram
  • Dispatch ports: Any Indian Port
  • Delivery duration: As Per schedule
  • Packaging Details: 5 kg HDPE drum, 25 kg HDPE drum, 25 Kg Fiber Drum and so on.
  • We also provide Small Packing etc.

bold menthol indian crystal

Menthol Crystal Delivery Services

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