Health and Beauty Products: Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystal is a premium product of Menthol and Mint Oil. Menthol Crystals use to manufacture Health and beauty products. Here we are going to know best quality, uses in health and beauty products of Menthol Crystal that are available to AOS products in white and colorless crystals. If you want to know the recognized information of Menthol Crystals than first you start to learn its strong quality, refreshing, minty fragrance and refreshers quality. Menthol crystals of AOS Products are obtained by the simple crystallization process of Peppermint Oil.

menthol crystal uses and benefits

We AOS Products are leading natural oil manufacturer & Exporters from India.  We deals 100% Natural menthol Crystals in their best specification of IP, BP, USP, JP etc. There are several uses of Menthol Crystals in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Menthol Crystal also can made in your private laboratories, but the quality of such menthol crystals are not 100% proof and natural. We during menthol Crystals manufacturing process follow all guidelines of Making Menthol and Mint Oil and other natural Essential Oils. For Example COA, GC test, no external solvents uses during full manufacturing process of pure menthol Crystal.

Our Produced crystals of menthol include anti-prutitic, local analgesic, antispasmodic anesthetic and anti irritant qualities. Menthol Crystal immediate provides relief in minor aches and muscle Sprains. His is most useful in your body pain. There are the several remarkable additives of lotion and cream available in the market all in these products uses of Menthol Crystals due to Analgesic properties of Menthol crystals.  Independently menthol crystals are also useful to making of deodorants and shampoos for hair. Menthol Crystals are also useful to producing perfumes and Hair conditioners for their best quality of refreshing sensations and cooling. Finally if you want to know more better idea of menthol Crystal or other Menthol products, uses and benefits or you looking bulk Menthol Crystal Manufacturer & Exporters from India than you can log-on to official Website of AOS Products Pvt Ltd:

Health and Beauty Products: Menthol Crystals

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