where to buy Peppermint Oil

AOS Products Pvt. Ltd is a leading Supplier, Exporters and Manufacturer for Peppermint oil by following best specification as IP/EP/BP/USP Grades. We are ISO, GMP and HACCP certified for Menthol and Mint Oil and its all main products. For example Menthol Crystals in large and small size | Dementholized Mint Oil | Mentha Arvensis Oil | Peppermint Oil | Natural Spearmint Oil | 99.96 % Pure Methyl Chavicol | Mint Terpene and so on. We offer produced products by AOS Products in best their price and in wholesale rate.

peppermint oil uses

Basically Natural oil of Peppermint is derived from peppermint plant, scientifically known as Mentha piperita, originated in Europe & North America and also well grown in Italy, U.S.A, Japan and Britain.

Benefits of Peppermint Oil

  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Natural perfumery
  3. Soothing and Relaxing
  4. Alleviate nausea & vomiting
  5. Natural energizer
  6. Used in Hair Care
  7. Relieve pain, fever and stomach issues
  8. Muscle Relaxant
  9. .Insect Repellent
  10. Antiseptic
  11. Moisturization and nourishment
  12. For dental care
  13. aromatherapy and natural perfumery

You can buy or imports Peppermint Essential Oils in bulk and wholesale rate only from Ghaziabad (New Delhi) UP India. Because we AOS Products is only one Natural Oil Manufacturing company that certified by three certification as ISO, GMP and HACCP. So during on-line buy peppermint oil in bulk you can make trust with us.

where to buy Peppermint Oil

Aromatherapy Ginger Oil uses

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Are you Suffering by following Health issues and problems as

  • Unbalance blood circulation
  • Stomach aches and muscle pain. Than you should to take best promoted natural oil that is Ginger Aromatherapy Oil.

Welcome to AOS Products India’s best natural Oil manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Ginger Oil in bulk and wholesale rate. We are verified Indian Manufacturer & Exporter of Ginger Oil. Get best price list of Ginger Oil from Indian Aromatherapy oils markets.

Ginger oil india

Ginger oil is warm, spicy and most flexible food ingredient as it is energizing. Ginger oil is valuable oil has many benefits for culinary purpose and medicinal purposes. Ginger oil is derived from Zingiber officinale roots.

AOS Private Limited is leading manufacturer and supplier of Ginger oil IP/BP/EP/USP. Benefits of Ginger oil are as follows:-

  • It promotes normal blood circulation.
  • It relieves from aches and pain.
  • It helps in treatment of digestive issues such as nausea, indigestion, diarrhea and flatulence.
  • It helps in energizing ad revitalizing mind and soul.
  • It helps in treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain and backaches.
  • It acts as decongestant.

Choose verified Manufacturer in India who can easily offer wide range of Menthol Crystals and Mint Oil as IP, BP, USP, Pure Natural Oil, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Spice Oils, Pine Oils and Oleoresin and their Products, contact Ghaziabad (New Delhi) Manufacturers, please visits AOS Products Pvt Ltd.

Aromatherapy Ginger Oil uses

Moringa Oil best uses in your daily life

We AOS Products are brand name in the natural Oil manufacturing markets. In India we a leading company who provide 100% natural and organic Essential Oils, Menthol and Mint Oil, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy Oils, natural butters, Spice oil and oleoresin and also aloe Vera products.

Today we share best Indian manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Moringa Oil. We manufacture Moringa oil in bulk and offer in wholesale rate. So if you are bulk buyer or exporters of Moringa Essential Oils from India than contact to certified manufacturers & Exporters: AOS Products.

pure moringa oil india
Moringa Oil India offered by AOS Products

Best uses and Health Benefits

  • Moringa Oil is no. 1 source of Anti-aging and antioxidants. This is the richest source of the Omega 6 and 9, Vitamin A, E and C, Calcium, Potassium, Proteins and natural oils.
  • Moringa Oil is one of the best moisturizing for the skins.
  • You can use Moringa oil on your skin as massage oil.
  • This oil give to your skin a lovely glow and oily free.
  • Moringa Oil also is uses in antifungal.
  • This oil increase energy level of your body and maintain blood pressure.
  • Finally you can think that there are several uses and benefits of Moringa Oil in Medicinal Sectors.

For more quality and purification information of Moringa Oil, call or visits AOS Products official website or factory location in New Delhi (Ghaziabad) UP, India.

Email: abhilash@aosproduct.com

Landline no. 91 1204106666

Mobile Phone: +91- 8285111610

Moringa Oil best uses in your daily life

Menthol Crystal Recommended Uses

Have a nice day Menthol and Mint Oil users, we share this post for someone who wish to find out reputed and certified Company for Pure Menthol Crystal from Indian Natural Oil Manufacturer & Exporters. We a certified company by ISO, GMP, HACCP and work from 2009 to provide 100% natural and pure Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Pine oil and oleo-resin, Spice oil and their respected derivatives. So during buy or imports of Menthol Crystals in bulk you can believe to AOS Products.

menthol crystal large size uses

AOS Products Pure menthol Crystal Manufacturer


AOS Product Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer and supplier of Menthol Crystal IP/BP/EP/USP Grades. Menthol crystal is obtained from Mentha arvensis herb plant. Menthol Crystal is white crystalline substance having strong & pleasant minty in odor and possessed cooling effect.

Recommended Usage –

  • Pharmaceutical purpose for various products such as cough syrups, Analgesic balms; Vicks vapor Rub, Inhalers, drugs, medicated oils, cooling gels, oral or throat sprays, medicated creams.
  • Oral products such as Toothpaste, Mouthwashes and oral sprays.
  • Various cosmetic & perfumery product such as Lotions, Shaving creams as it reduces skin burn, Refreshing towels, Deodorants, Scents, Salves, Foot sprays, Refreshing towels, Cooling gels, Lip Balm and Soaps.

Visits to our associate products as Moringa Oil, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Terpin Hydrate, Ginger Oil, Soybean Pure Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Avocado Carrier oil and so on, pure and organic products, available to AOS Products India.

Menthol Crystal Recommended Uses

Branded Value of Menthol Crystals

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Once again I would like to introduce our factory AOS Products Pvt Ltd to you. AOS Products is a professional manufacturer of Natural Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Menthol and Mint Oil, Aromatherapy Oils, Pine Oils, Spice Oils, Natural Butters, Aloe Vera and so on. Our certified factory mainly produces all kinds of natural and human friendly oils, including natural butter and aloe Vera products, Menthol and Mint Oil in their all respective specification IP, BP, USP. Our produced product of Menthol Crystals available in small and large both size. We are attaching some of our certified essential oil products for your reference and welcome to visit our factory website. If you have any requirements of pure and certified Menthol Crystal and Mint oil than please let us know then we will give you our best price.

Thanks and Best regards

AOS Products Pvt Ltd

Mobile:+91- 8285111610

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Branded Value of Menthol Crystals

Healthy Essential Oils functions

What are Pure Essential Oils? And what they do in the life of humankind. Today AOS Products offer 100% Natural Essential Oils and their working and uses in human-bing life.

palmrosa essential oils india
Fresh Essential Oil in India lists

You know the basic uses of pure and herbal Essential Oils for example to making cosmetic products, beauty products, to use as solvents as cleaning oil for body hair, face. These natural Oils promise to your shiny hair and an overall glow of your skins.

Almond Carrier Oil

The short version: almond oil is rich in mono-saturated fats, making it super hydrating for each skin and hair.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Carrier oil comes from the desert shrub of the same name; it will well in rough climates. More stunning is its chemical structure, which is strikingly similar to our body’s own natural oils. Yes it moisturizes hair, skin and nails, but it’s additionally a nice formulation and lip conditioner and secure carrier oil, meaning you will add essential oils.

Grape seed Oil

Grape seed oil boasts antioxidants and fatty acids that can facilitate stop skin problem. Its astringent qualities can additionally tighten the skin, especially below the eyes, making it a natural choice for dark circles and anti-aging.

Geranium Oil

You’ll find this herb oil, a natural astringent, in chemical-free deodorant. It doesn’t just cut back body odor although, it also treats oily skin and skin problem (including scars), calms inflammation, and can boost circulation.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil’s the most anti-bacterial on this list. It also earns high asking on most aromatherapy blends because of its ability to appease headaches, aid sleep, and calm the nervous system.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Basically Eucalyptus Oil is pressed from the eucalyptus tree’s dried leaves, you’ll often notice the oil in cough drops or aromatherapy blends. But it additionally has topical uses. A study in American Journal of Physical medication and Rehabilitation found that it will really relieve physical pain.

Healthy Essential Oils functions

Best Essential Oil Brands in India

AOS Products Pvt Ltd is a global based leading company of Natural Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Spice Oil and Oleoresin, Pine Oil and its derivatives. We are manufacturing a broad range of Essential Oils and certified products for example menthol and Mint Oil, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea tree Oil, Ginger Oil, Rosemary oil and so on.

manufacturer of Natural Oils AOS Products
Indian Essential Oil Manufacturer & Exporters: AOS Products

We AOS Products always produce unmatched natural oils and products by certified organization across to more than 60 countries with all business functions for example we always care client satisfaction and provide 100% purest products of natural Essential Oils.

We AOS Products underpinned by the world’s largest natural oil Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters with fastest delivery services. AOS Products works at the intersection of latest machinery and technology that help to our trust-able clients to improve their relationship and create global value for their markets of natural oils. For more confirmation of our production capacity and delivery services Visit us at http://www.aosproduct.com

Come to our regular associative Natural Oil and products as Soybean Oil, Moringa Oil, Menthol and Mint Oil, Spearmint Oil, Dill Oil, Linseed Oil, Caraway Oil from Indian manufacturer: AOS Products.

aloe butter india
Aloe Vera Gel Refined

Finally we want to share with you our some latest cosmetic and herbal products as Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera Gel, Natural Butters, Cocoa Butters, Kokum Butters, Shea butter and Refined Shea butters in large quantity and 100% pure.

Best Essential Oil Brands in India