Menthol Side Effects

Good day AOS Products Indian Pharmaceutical Company say we hope you will living with happy life with Natural Essential Oil, Menthol and Mint Oil, Aromatherapy Oil, Spice Oil, Carrier oil, Pine oil and Oleoresin Oil. In this most important post we share side effects of menthol Crystal.  Since there are multiple benefits and uses of Menthol and mint oil. But there are some disadvantages of Menthol Crystals, if you are regular users of menthol than you should to know it.

Just like other all Medicinal products, Menthol Crystal also have some reaction for example when you apply menthol then may be some problem to taking proper breathing or after using menthol crystal you may face allergies on your face, tongue, lips or throat. If you facing such symptom than wash properly your face with normal water and as soon as possible take a good attention of medical doctor.

Some small side effects also may occur like burning sensation and mild cold.

Remark: Make sure you are using Certified Menthol or Mint Oil by certified Manufacturer. If you are using menthol Crystal by ISO, GMP, HACCP certified Manufacturers you will never suffer with above given symptom.

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Menthol Side Effects

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