Saw Palmetto Oil India

AOS Products today launched new most important essential oil products as saw palmetto oil; this is obtained by using pressure extraction methods that make certain the retention of essential chlorophyll, lycopene, micronutrients like, lutein and zeaxanthin. Our extraction method of Saw Palmetto Oil also applies to the precious lipophilic benefits of oleic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid and phytosterols with beta sitosterol, this Saw Palmetto is powerful anti-inflammatory agent, saw palmetto is arranged by organic natural essential oils most uses by medical doctors to address urinary tract infections, male pattern baldness and the damaging effects of environmental toxins.


Saw palmetto was first used by the US that is also called as Native Americans Saw palmetto where top scientists collected the berries to create medicinal tonics for the prostrate secure and keep safe.

But saw palmetto goes beyond addressing primarily male issues like enlarged prostates and balding. It is also an elixir for the skin, and contains many of the same benefits as sea buckthorn oil. Like sea buckthorn, saw palmetto contains high levels phytosterols, Saw Palmetto Oils also useful as traditional facts like to increase the production of collagen, and protect the skin from harsh environmental stressors.

Mental, emotional, physical benefits: Saw palmetto Essential Oils has following traditional facts used to shrink an enlarged prostate, alleviate urinary tract infections, clear acne, prevent bladder infections, reverse hair loss and balding, and balance hormones.

Saw Palmetto Oil India

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