Ambrette Seed Oil India AOS Products

Good day AOS Products Indian Pharmaceutical Company manufactures organic essential Oils in bulk and 100% verified by ISO Standards. Today we share with you AOS best and most usable products that are useful for your daily life that is Ambrette Seed Oil for more Visits: official Essential Oils Website India.


Ambrette Seed Oil: Price 1000

Product Code: AOS16

Size: 1Kg

Ambrette Seed Oils Description:

Abelmoschus moschatus also called as Ambrette seed oil or muskdana is an aromatic & medicinal plant native to India. It is a pre kharif crop in India. Seeds are sweet, flowery & plant is frost hardy. It has many culinary uses. It is valued for its scented seeds. In India, roots, leaves & seeds of Ambrette are considered valuable traditional medicine. The bitter, sweet, aromatic seeds are used as tonic. Tobacco is sometimes flavored with flowers.

It is extracted by steam distillation of crushed seeds.

A PROPERTY of Ambrette Seed:
It is pale yellow in color & aroma is musky, woody, and rich with floral undertones.

Components of Ambrette Seed Oils:
Its main components are ambrettolide, ambrettolic acid, palmitic acid & farnesol.

Ambrette Seed oil: blending:
it blends well with all other oils especially floral & citrus.

Uses of Essential Oils India:

Ambrette Seed Oil is a major ingredient in perfumery.
It is used in Aromatherapy.
It is used as bath oil as well.
It is an excellent cure for ailments like indigestion, acidity & cramps.
It elevates mood.
It is anti depressing.
It is a tonic.
do not take oils internally.
If under medication consult doctor before its use.
Use extreme caution when using oil with children, very low dose is recommended.
Perform skin patch test before using for first time.

Ambrette Seed Oil India AOS Products

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