uses of Essential Oils in Perfume

Good Day my WordPress followers We AOS Products top essential Oils Manufacturers in India, we works only natural seeds like oleoresins seeds and carriers oils vs. Essential oil in India, there are several uses of these genuine essential Oils like to make Shampoo, Perfumes, Medicines etc.

Mentha arvensis oil
Mentha Oils India

Putting a Perfume together can be in comparison to writing songs. The Perfume “notes” must be in balance with each other. Indian Essential oils are categorized as Top, Center and Platform notices, and an excellent fragrance must have a stability of all three. Platform notices are the strong and ongoing notices. They often hold around long after the other notices have disappeared. They are also used to fix a combination. The center notices are the center of the perfume; they offer stability between the top and the end. They are said to throughout the perfume of. The top notices are mild and impressive. They are the ones that hit you first, but if they are not effectively healthy with the middle and the end they will disappear easily.
What to use when developing your own Perfume. Begin with the end and carefully add the other notices, little by little, trembling and examining as you go. The Essential oils that can be used by the any medical Sectors as the top become aware of Palmarosa Oil, lemongrass oil, and Mentha Piperita Oil that can be used Top to Center are Spearmint Oil .There are other several essential products that can be used in Perfumes purposes namely called as Geranial Oil.

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Choosing a perfume is a personal choice. Creating your own is lots of fun and you can have one to match every event. It does not issue if the combination of several essential oils uses for macho or making elegant persons as the characteristic are never stand still without pure Essential Oils, So be aware from other Essential producers and make your trust with only Top Manufacturers and Exporters in India: AOS Products Pvt Ltd.
It is awesome to look at as Essential oils are produced from the vegetation themselves. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that aspect yourself and the Essential oils are easily obtainable to use in your fragrances. What creates fragrance making unique is that every natural fragrance is a short time of development. Have fun, mix and coordinate and be surprised.

uses of Essential Oils in Perfume

Saw Palmetto Oil India

AOS Products today launched new most important essential oil products as saw palmetto oil; this is obtained by using pressure extraction methods that make certain the retention of essential chlorophyll, lycopene, micronutrients like, lutein and zeaxanthin. Our extraction method of Saw Palmetto Oil also applies to the precious lipophilic benefits of oleic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid and phytosterols with beta sitosterol, this Saw Palmetto is powerful anti-inflammatory agent, saw palmetto is arranged by organic natural essential oils most uses by medical doctors to address urinary tract infections, male pattern baldness and the damaging effects of environmental toxins.


Saw palmetto was first used by the US that is also called as Native Americans Saw palmetto where top scientists collected the berries to create medicinal tonics for the prostrate secure and keep safe.

But saw palmetto goes beyond addressing primarily male issues like enlarged prostates and balding. It is also an elixir for the skin, and contains many of the same benefits as sea buckthorn oil. Like sea buckthorn, saw palmetto contains high levels phytosterols, Saw Palmetto Oils also useful as traditional facts like to increase the production of collagen, and protect the skin from harsh environmental stressors.

Mental, emotional, physical benefits: Saw palmetto Essential Oils has following traditional facts used to shrink an enlarged prostate, alleviate urinary tract infections, clear acne, prevent bladder infections, reverse hair loss and balding, and balance hormones.

Saw Palmetto Oil India

Ambrette Seed Oil India AOS Products

Good day AOS Products Indian Pharmaceutical Company manufactures organic essential Oils in bulk and 100% verified by ISO Standards. Today we share with you AOS best and most usable products that are useful for your daily life that is Ambrette Seed Oil for more Visits: official Essential Oils Website India.


Ambrette Seed Oil: Price 1000

Product Code: AOS16

Size: 1Kg

Ambrette Seed Oils Description:

Abelmoschus moschatus also called as Ambrette seed oil or muskdana is an aromatic & medicinal plant native to India. It is a pre kharif crop in India. Seeds are sweet, flowery & plant is frost hardy. It has many culinary uses. It is valued for its scented seeds. In India, roots, leaves & seeds of Ambrette are considered valuable traditional medicine. The bitter, sweet, aromatic seeds are used as tonic. Tobacco is sometimes flavored with flowers.

It is extracted by steam distillation of crushed seeds.

A PROPERTY of Ambrette Seed:
It is pale yellow in color & aroma is musky, woody, and rich with floral undertones.

Components of Ambrette Seed Oils:
Its main components are ambrettolide, ambrettolic acid, palmitic acid & farnesol.

Ambrette Seed oil: blending:
it blends well with all other oils especially floral & citrus.

Uses of Essential Oils India:

Ambrette Seed Oil is a major ingredient in perfumery.
It is used in Aromatherapy.
It is used as bath oil as well.
It is an excellent cure for ailments like indigestion, acidity & cramps.
It elevates mood.
It is anti depressing.
It is a tonic.
do not take oils internally.
If under medication consult doctor before its use.
Use extreme caution when using oil with children, very low dose is recommended.
Perform skin patch test before using for first time.

Ambrette Seed Oil India AOS Products

India Essential Oils

Fresh herbs in the mortar - healthy food

India Essential Oils Manufacturer AOS Products: A new research has found about of the essential oils India can be used as a cheap alternative and effective way for antibiotics against drug-resistant resolver in India. AOS Products Essential Oil experts tested the antimicrobial activity of eight plant natural oils and resultant was observed that essential oil thyme is entirely eliminated bacteria within 60 minutes.

There are the several uses and benefits of Indian Natural Essential Oils, some of them Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years for therapeutic function, even though it is most popular and known to entire world by Indian Manufacturers. Most Origin of Essential oil India used Tea tree oil, Mentha Oil, Moringa Oil that benefit to treat in colds, sore throats, skin infections and insect bites. So whenever you want to buy bulk Essential Oil from India then only AOS Products an Indian Pharmaceutical Company produces 100% certified Essential Oils. For more visit and contact us on home Site.

Moringa oleifera is grown in northern western Himalayas of India. It grows best in dry sandy soil & it is drought resistant.

Benefit and USES of Moringa Oils
Traditionally used for cooking & in food preparations.

Cosmetic Uses:
Hair & Body moisturizer & skin conditioner
Anti aging or wrinkle creams
Hair care products
Because it contains anti oxidant it is used in soaps & liquid body wash

Aromatherapy Uses: Best oil for massage
Due to its antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties it is used for acne & spot prevention.

Nutrition Uses:
Small amount added to diet of young children can provide them with a more varied & nutritious diet. It is rich in vitamin A & C & Unsaturated fatty acids.

India Essential Oils